Community Based Rehabilitation Training

The COMBRA CBR Certification Course started in 1994 with the aim to impart knowledge and skills in CBR to community workers.  Since the initial training class of 12, the Organization has trained over 300 workers from; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Botswana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Liberia, Namibia and Zambia.  The course comprises of 13 weeks of participatory learning, 4 weeks of community practicum and 1 week of examinations.

COMBRA has succeeded in aiding the development of a critical human resource base for implementation of CBR in Uganda and for the rest of Africa.  The CBR course is a broad based multi-sectoral training aimed training personnel at all levels in CBR in order to meet the demands of PWDs in their communities for self-sustainability.

Accommodation Facilities

We have two hostels that provide accomodation for our trainees. The two hostels are split into two; a hostel for male students as well as a hostel for female students. The accomodation provided helps the students live a comfortable life while at COMBRA.

Resource Center

Our resource center is a library rich with books about different topics to give students and the community a good understanding about community development and other academic pursuits.

Admission Requirements and Target Group

The training is open to people with various experiences related to community development and rehabilitation. These include; teachers, community development workers, community health workers, PWDs, Parents, and other persons’ interested / involved in community based rehabilitation work.

The Minimum qualification to this course is a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) / Ordinary level Certificate or its equivalent. Students from non-English speaking countries should demonstrate a reasonable command of English language.  Persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups who do not meet the above criteria are subjected to a special examination administered by the COMBRA examinations Board.