GOMA Community Programme

The Joy of Volunteering

Mrs. Rose Musoke, graduated from the CBR Training program in 2009 and has been volunteering in the community since then. She loves helping the Persons With Disabilities by linking them and their guardians to COMBRA which later provides assistive devices and refers some of them to hospitals for further treatment in cases where surgery is needed.
She has worked with over 150 clients over the years and has brought relief to the guadians whose children are disabled and encouraged them to continue supporting their children while changing the way the community views Persons With Disabilities to a more supportive and positive paradigm.


Katerega Joshua is 11 years old now. He was born with Spina Bifida, club feet and hydrocephalus. His story of one of very many disabled people in Uganda.
He moved to the same parish which is served by the GOMA Community Program. There Mrs. Rose Musoke with the help of COMBRA helped find donors to help his parents provide and empower Joshua within his community and fight the stigma that his family faced.

Joshua is now in primay school and enjoying his life having udergone several surgeries to help correct the conditions he was born with.