GOMA Community Programme

Today, COMBRA continues to provide service and hands-on training for students with the outreach now focused on Goma sub-county in the Mukono district.  The community outreach continues to produce success stories while serving as a practical venue for students to hone their skills.

COMBRA relies heavily on its Community Coordinator and a vast network of community volunteers to identify potential clients for the Organization.  Hard work is put into creating an understanding between COMBRA, the clients and their care takers to ensure expectations align with a clear path forward. 

Once an agreement is reached a group of two students is provided access to clients as they carry out assessments and determine the best course of action to meetthe client’s needs.  Students then have an opportunity to return to COMBRA to design and craft appropriate assistive devices.  The COMBRA Workshop provides students the perfect forum to carry out this crucial aspect of CBR training.