Finance and administration

COMBRA prides herself on being an institution beholden to the highest caliber of integrity. Transparency and Accountability feature prominently as two of the Organization’s Core Values; however, they are much more, they are a way of life here. To further strengthen her commitment to fiscal responsibility the Finance Department, headed by Mrs. Betty Asinde, worked diligently at the beginning of 2008 to develop the COMBRA Financial Policies and Procedures Manual 2008.

The development of this Financial Policies and Procedure Manual is a testimony that COMBRA upholds its values and commitments as an accountable institution to its, membership, the Government, Donors, CSOs, staff and the community at large.

–COMBRA Financial Policies and Procedures Manuel 2008

It is COMBRA’s hope that this manual will clearly and precisely describe the basic bookkeeping aspects, financial procedures, reporting requirements, and various internal controls that have been put in place as a mechanism to cost-effectively manage the resources of the Organization.

Along with the Financial Policies and Procedures Manual the Organization goes to great lengths to ensure compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAPs) which are the international recognized standards for accounting practice.  The Organization works confidently with auditors for its annual reporting and prides itself on the timely publication of its financial statements and related materials.

Full disclosure is paramount to the success of any NGO.  In order to maintain full confidence from donor and partner organizations, COMBRA will continue to strive to be a Center for Excellence in all aspects of its operations.

For further information on COMBRA’s Financial and Administrative functions, please note the documents made available here and always feel free to contact us for more in-depth inquires.